The Ultimate Travelling Guide to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the smallest country strategically placed in between borders of Belgium, France, and Germany. Luxembourg is unlikely to become the most favorable destinations in Europe. Not only because there is the limited airline that fly to and from the country but also the price is quite expensive. However, today there are plenty of affordable flights to Luxembourg and you can also get to the country via train or bus. Luxembourg offers different holiday vibes from the rest of European country thanks to diverse culture and history. If you are planning to visit Luxembourg, here is a short guide to the country.

When to go

summer in luxembourg
summer in luxembourg

During summer, the weather in Luxembourg is warmer from May to September but expect it to be busier and wetter in July and August. If you are planning to visit museums and other attractions in Ardennes, please note that it is closed outside July and August. The Luxembourg City opens all year round. You can also find lots of outdoor concert from during the summer. Expect snows during fall and make sure to not miss the Christmas festival in the city.

Getting around

red and blue train in Luxembourg
red and blue train in Luxembourg

Public transportation in Luxembourg is affordable, punctual, and great in quality. You can hop to one city and another using public transportation. The main route of public transportation runs from the north side to Luxembourg City. All trains and buses are integrated, so, it is better to take a travel card which includes both networks. Hire a private car in Luxembourg is also quite expensive as well as the fuel price is expensive and the one-way lane or road system of driving in the city is very confusing for tourists. The cheaper option is cycling as you can easily hire one from tourists offices and hotels to wander around the city.


The best thing about travel to Luxembourg is it is part of the Eurozone. So, you can expect the country using the same currency as other countries in Europe. ATMs are available everywhere in the country and the common payment method is card payment. So, make sure to check with your bank before visiting the country.


Despite the small size, Luxembourg is a diverse or multi cultural country, especially in languages. More than 60% of the population in Luxembourg speaks English and the other may speak in German, French, or Belgian.

Dining and wining

risso best pizza in luxembourg
risso best pizza in luxembourg

Luxembourg has a good taste in food and drink. The traditional dishes are a fusion between French and German. The popular dishes are Judd Gaardebounen, Risso the best pizza in Luxembourg (pictured), Bounerschlupp, patisseries, wide range of seafood, and wine.

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