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Le Chemin de la Corniche

Luxembourg Tripadvisor Lists 

Planning a vacation is part of its success. When it comes to some European countries, people will do better. Tripadvisor is one of the best sites to consult before actually planning a holiday. Those who are leaving for Luxembourg needs to see the recommendations through the Luxembourg Tripadvisor. There are times that people only include a country on their wishlist because of the fancy pictures from the internet and social media. That will somehow give a misleading purpose of a holiday.

Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral

First of all, Luxembourg is the place of the old and new era of the world. So, the main attraction of the place will be on the contrast. The city is also a super inviting place because of world heritage status. We all know that UNESCO will not give a precious status to any place. Thus, the place has given a guarantee for excellent satisfaction. After that, the city has been chosen as a headquarters for several important European institutions. So, the city will be really worth visiting.

Exploring Luxembourg Tripadvisor on Foot

The city is small enough to explore by walking only. The compact attractions will make tourists spend the best day of their life. The inviting attractions include the stunning The Bock. It is an underground passage which will remind people on how European countries were than glorious in architecture. The place is located not so far from the Petrusse Casemates. Next, after that, the Palace of the Grand Dukes and the National Museums will show tourists the best view of the Luxembourg past times. The gorgeous banks on Boulevard Royal will still be the charming icon of the city. And finally, the fortress moat will mirror the hint of the city’s wealth.

Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial
Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial

 Luxembourg Tripadvisor Recommended Places

There are various destinations to visit but if you are leaving with your kids, you definitely have to include the Pirate Ship Playground. The kids will love the place since they can climb and run freely at the place. The site has a long history but kids will not get bored visiting the place. Here is the list that is reviewed positively by the Tripadvisor for Luxembourg tour:

  • Le Chemin de la Corniche
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial
  • Les Rives de Clausen
  • Viaduc (Passerelle)
Les Rives de Clausen
Les Rives de Clausen

Well, the city tour will be unforgettable since all of the city corners have special attractions that includes dadu online. The city has given another soul of a city trip since people can do it on foot. Just check the list of Luxembourg Tripadvisor attractions and enjoy the trip that lasts.

Viaduc (Passerelle)
Viaduc (Passerelle)

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