Luxembourg Culture Facts and Travel Tips

Luxembourg Culture Facts and Travel Tips

Luxembourg Culture Facts and Travel Tips

Luxembourg Culture Facts

Luxembourg Culture Facts and Travel Tips, located in Northern Europe, Luxembourg is a country which also a part of the European Union. This one is one of the smallest countries in the world but they value their autonomy and independence. The culture in Luxembourg is surely unique but that becomes a wonderful attraction for tourists to come to the country. If you are going to visit Luxembourg, here are general culture and travel tips to Luxembourg.


Luxembourg is one of those countries that have three official languages which are French, German, and Luxembourgish (which has pretty much similar grammar and syntax to German). German and French are often used for administrative and formal purposes while Luxemburgish is mostly used for daily conversation. Students are also tough three languages at school with Luxemburgish in first grade, then German during primary school, and French during secondary school.


The small size of the country creates a friendly and small-town environment. Family tends to close to all members as well as to neighbors and family friends. The connections between family come first which makes parents tend to involve with children’s life decisions even when they have already become adults. Parents give guidance in any life aspect from university life to giving hand in raising grandchildren.

Greetings and Gestures

Luxembourgian typically formal and quiet but once you engage in a relationship, it will be more comfortable. The common greeting among friends or colleagues is a brief handshake. They do not simply kiss each other on the cheek unless they are close friends. Handshakes and hugs are still welcome to show friendship and empathy. The hand gesture is uncommon during conversation and it is best to avoid pointing someone with your finger. Just use careful body language, eye contact, or subtle nod is enough.


In Luxembourg, it is still common that guy asking out a girl when it comes to dating. Dating is not something fancy and Luxembourgian prefers to keep dating modest and casual. With nearly half immigrants of the population, more than 83 percent voted for same-sex marriage. Thus, the prime minister becomes the first leader in the EU to marry his partner.


People outside Luxembourg may notice that local people tend to be reserved and formal. However, in Luxembourg, it is uncommon to excessively show emotion. People who live as the saying goes ‘wear your heart to your sleeve’ are seen as weak. Asking a personal question is highly prohibited unless you are a close friend or family. Also, personal life is being kept separate from business life.

Business Life

Friendly and formal are the common environment life in Luxembourg. Rather than rushing and impatient, people appreciate the patience. Arriving on time and organized is the key attribution in Luxembourg culture. Any business meetings mostly are scheduled in advance. When making big deals make sure to have eye contact. Even though people separate business and private life, but it is also possible to have a friendship with your business partner to maintain a good relationship. However, if you have a friendship with someone at work, you can expect professional time during work and have a good time outside the office.