Interesting Facts about Luxembourg that You Need to Know
luxembourg population

As one of the smallest country in the world, Luxembourg may not be that famous among travellers. Compared to the neighbourhood countries such as German, France, and Belgium, the country is actually considered as ‘the Heart of Europe’. Expect unique mix of culture, powerful economy,  world-class winery, and also delicious cuisines. If you are planning of visiting, here are some interesting facts about Luxembourg.

Almost half of the population are immigrants

Total population in Luxembourg is only half a million, and half of total population is foreign immigrants. The country boasts for having the highest expatriate percentages among other European countries. This can be said that the country is home to more than 170 different nationalities of people. The largest immigrant percentage in Luxembourg is Portuguese residents for more than 15 per cent.

The country has three official languages

Despite the small size, Luxembourg has three official languages which are French, German, and Luxembourgish. The Luxembourgish language is quite similar to German in term of grammar and syntax. The Luxembourgish is the first to be taught students, the German in primary school, and French in secondary school. For administrative purposes, German and France is the most used but for everyday conversation, people use Luxembourgish.

The cuisine is fusion between German and French

quetsche tort
quetsche tort

Cuisines in Luxembourg are mostly influenced by both German and French. There are lots of similar foods to German and French cuisines, but the local delicacies such as Judd Mat Gaardebounen, quetsche tort, bouneschlupp, and others are a must-try.

Luxembourg’s GDP is the highest

As one of the smallest country in the world, Luxembourg has the highest GDP. The GDP per capita is slightly lower than Qatar and the country boasts for having the second highest minimum wage in the world and the highest in Europe. Plus, the unemployment rate in Luxembourg is believed to be the lowest in all Europe for around 40 years.

The country is full of castles

Luxembourg castles
Luxembourg castles

The main attraction in Luxembourg is castles. The country is like a fairy tale-like place for having one castle every 100 square miles. Some of the castles are famous for existed in Middle Ages until now and some of it even has accurate torture chamber.

The only Grand Duchy

The Grand Duchy left in the world is in Luxembourg. The Grand Duke Henri Albert Gabriel Felix Marie Guillaume or you can simply call ‘His Royal Highness’ has been in the throne around two decades.

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