Education in Luxembourg

Education in Luxembourg

Education in Luxembourg

Education in Luxembourg

Education in Luxembourg, what do you know about Luxembourg? Yep! It is one of the European countries which is surrounded by forest. That is a kind of rural country but becomes independent. That has a great education system─ almost all people have upper secondary education (high school education) at least. If you have a child to move in with you, you need to know the educational system in Luxembourg. Well, let’s read the following details below to get further information!

Some Facts about Luxembourg’s Educational System

  1. Having Trilingual Education

The mandatory languages spoken in Luxembourg’s educational system include German, Luxembourg, and French. Students will first learn to speak Luxembourg. Then, they will learn German. German will be the main language at both primary and secondary school. French is taught at the primary level and almost used for most subjects at the secondary level. There will be English exists to be learned by students as an optional language.

  1. Employing Young Teachers

The teachers in Luxembourg mostly are young. They are under the age of forty. They are well-paid. As a result, they are all professional.

  1. Having Different Curriculums

What makes Luxembourg becomes different from other countries is its curriculum. Multiple languages corporate into Luxembourg educational curriculum. It sure creates a high standard level but brings success.

Education in Luxembourg in Detail

  1. For Pre-school and Elementary School

There are four cycles that children should go through. For ages 3 to 5, they will be in cycle 1 where children will focus on socializing. Meanwhile, other cycles including cycle 2 (age 6 to 7), cycle 3 (ages 8 to 9), and cycle 4 (ages 10 to 11) will focus on learning languages, increasing motor skills and attention span, and studying certain subjects such as math, music, science, history, etc.

  1. For Secondary Education

There are two kinds of secondary education; ESC and ESG. ESC which is more known as classic secondary education will last 3 to 4 years. It is mainly academicals-oriented. ESG (general secondary education) has 6 to 8 years duration (depends on the educational option). Different from ESC, ESG is more technically or practically oriented. It focuses on training and vocational education.

  1. For Post-secondary non-tertiary Education

This education is organized by the chamber of Trades for artisans who wish to work as independent. Its courses include training apprentices.

  1. For Post-secondary

This education is for those students who propose short-cycle programs to advanced technicians with diplomas.

  1. For Higher Education

This is for those who wish to take Bachelor or Master Programs as well as doctoral studies at the University of Luxembourg.

Changing School

If you are from another country that just moves to Luxembourg and wish to enroll your child in one of the schools in Luxembourg, you need to think of taking an intensive home course first. As it has been told before, all schools in Luxembourg are trilingual. That is why with a home course, children might have the linguistic background necessary to follow regular classes taught.

Finally, if you wish to apply to take classes at a certain school in Luxembourg, you could visit its web and make enrollment online